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A queue of Harry Juniper pots at the Museum of Barnstaple awaiting their place in the limelight…


Exhibition opens tomorrow….


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Harry Juniper and the historic and contemporary live pottery profession of North Devon

The Museum in Barnstaple North Devon is preparing a temporary exhibition examining the work and life of Harry Juniper, who has been making and selling pots inspired by the designs of historic North Devon pottery.

The exhibition, Harry Juniper 66 Years a Potter, opens for six weeks, beginning next Saturday, in the exhibiitons gallery at the Museum on the Square in Barnstaple. Many pots have been taken top the Museum in readiness, the challenge is going to be focussing a display out of such a wealth of material. Many owners have kindly lent their pots, to which they feel very personally attached. The pots are not just pots, but are often vested with individual life stories in the motifs and designs Harry places on them.

Harry also created many other pots for wider public events and reflecting other aspects of his potters’ skills…for example…the Japanese stly vessels…

Included here are some pictures taken by Peter Stringer of some of Harry’s diverse range of designs.


IMG_0346 IMG_0300 IMG_0325 IMG_0270 IMG_0259 IMG_0255 IMG_0247 IMG_0428 IMG_0426 IMG_0424 IMG_0409 IMG_0401 IMG_0227


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North Devon Festival of Pottery


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