Pots, Fish’n’Ships

NEC ND Festival of Pots copyright  smallcurator April 2013

Pots, Fish’n’Ships is an exhibition at The Burton Art Gallery and Museum in Bideford, North Devon, UK, opening 22nd February.

The lovely folks at The Burton have kindly agreed to partner smallcurator-all are hard at work to produce a fabulous display of contemporary and historic material:

We are drawing connections between contemporary North Devon potters’ output and the heyday of sgraffito decorated and plain wares, when North Devon pottery reached across the world. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Bideford was at the centre of this trade.

Many of the contemporary pots on display here will be taken from the 200-odd pieces fired in The Kiln in the Park, in Victoria Park, just outside the Museum, in Bideford. When dozen contemporary local, national and European potters met and fired the kiln in the traditional way, using wood, over three days last September, a fantastic range of North Devon inspired pots resulted. This exhibition-Pots, Fish’n’Ships-is the final piece of this project funded by The Arts Council, to show North Devon pottery is both part of a historical continuum and a lively contemporary art.

The exhibition will be presented as quirky visual essays around themes taken from the contemporary pottery to blur boundaries between past and present.


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