Opening 22nd February 2014 ~Pots Fish’n’Ships ~ at The Burton Art Gallery and Museum.

Quirky visual essays following the influence of historic North Devon pottery on contemporary ceramics.  Using a selection of pottery fired last September in The Kiln in the Park Bideford, juxtaposed with historic material from the RJ Lloyd Slipware collection and other loaned objects, we explore several themes. We will showcase ceramics by contemporary potters and the aspects of the unique story of historic North devon pottery. Tons of West Country ceramics were exported to the English colonies in North America.

George the Pie Rat is providing things for small children to do to keep them out of mischief.

Saturday 22nd March 2014 Sherds Away Day!  in The Burton Art Gallery and Museum in Bideford meet David Dawson midday to 4pm.
Bring pottery sherds for identification – all welcome. David will host an informal session about North Devon pottery.


Some things we did-

June 29th to July 22nd 2013 ~  Museum exhibition Harry Juniper 66 years a potter  ~ celebrating the work of Harry Juniper, at the Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon on The Square in Barnstaple. 66 pots on display to celebrate Harry’s birthday! See main page for a post about this exhibition….

September 16th to 22nd 2013 ~ North Devon Festival of Pottery ~ at venues in Bideford, North Devon.

Over the week, making pots and firing of the Kiln in the Park with Phillip Leach and a team of North Devon and international contemporary potters.

Kiln setting, filling and firing Wednesday 18th to Friday 20th.

Pottery and Produce Market Friday 20th Septemeber in the covered Pannier Market in Bideford. A grand day out! Demonstrations from potters, wool spinners, basketmakers etc-we are celebrating all the local crafts. Have a go sessions too. Food-I think there is to be a historic food venue! Even more-there will be family activities-watch this space for details.

Symposium * Saturday 21st September  at the Bideford Arts Centre. Leading specialists will be lecturing about the history and context of North Devon historic pottery. Pottery handling session too. Tickets available.

*by the way symposium was originall a Greek word for a posh drinking club!

Family activities on Friday 20th in the Pannier Market and Saturday 21st in the park by the kiln in the afternoons- with Taz and George the Pie-Rat.

Demonstrations by leading potters Friday and Saturday-watch this space for details!

Kiln opening. Sunday 22nd at the Kiln in the Park Bideford.

Friday to Sunday 27th to 29th Septemeber Sale of pottery from the Kiln in the Park, at Appledore.


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