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Michelle Erickson

Contemporary ceramic artist Michelle Erickson will be talking at The White Moose Gallery as part of the North Devon Festival of Pottery. North Devon Festival of Pottery Logo May 13. Drawing RS Lettering other.
Thursday 19th September 2013 in the evening.


Potters Field

During my tenure as Artist in Residence at the V&A in 2012 I developed a concept I call Potter’s Field; exploring ceramic life cycles of form -function -fashion and design as the perishable body that leaves behind the bones of world ceramics- that is- the history of us.

Clay used in all cultures in every conceivable manner, fulfilling our basic needs and demonstrating our highest aspirations, is a truly democratic material.  It is the unique inheritance of the ceramic medium that records our most ancient past, and is simultaneously indispensable to advancements of space travel, weapons manufacture, ballistic armor and even what is yet to be conceived.

I have used the iconographic element of the skull to suggest the circumstance of our shared past and a contemplation of the future.  In the 18th century cognoscenti’s cabinets of curiosity, objects including fossils were displayed in combination with memento mori incorporating the human skull.  These juxtapositions served as means of both scientific study and philosophical contemplation of mankind’s place in the universe.

My work in experimental archeology has exposed me to fragments of bone and sherd alike imbedded in an earth whose natural resources, and specifically fossil fuel, are being voraciously consumed in the 21st century- ultimately our dependence on this resource may present the circumstance of our demise.

Michelle Erickson




Collection of Virginia Museum of Fine Arts VMFA

PHOTO: Gavin Ashworth NY

09 Weapon of Choice  -  c


Collection Cincinnati Art Museum

PHOTO: Robert Hunter

21 VA London Clay Skulls   c

V&A RESIDENCY. studio shot skulls made indigenous clays  i foraged off a construction site in East London.

PHOTO: Robert Hunter


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