We are launching a series of exhibitions and events to celebrate North Devon’s historic pottery connections with New England.

All the events acknowledge the breadth of ceramic output from North Devon in the early Seventeenth Century, coinciding with the 400th anniversary of settlements along the North Atlantic seaboard, stretching from Jamestown up into Canada.

Contemporary potters in Devon, England and Europe continue to use the rich diversity of forms and motifs of historic North Devon slipwares. We will invite well established and newer potters to create and fire pots especially for an exhibition in spring 2014 at internationally reknowned venue  Burton Art Gallery and Museum. Next July will see a retrospective exhibition of deservedly famous local potter Harry Juniper’s work at The Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon.

There will be many events, lectures and activities for all the family, not least of which, a open air kiln firing in the park in Bideford, as we draw together a grand collaborative enterprise, between Museums-here and in the U.S.-potters, schools and anyone else who wants to join in the fun.

Look out for more information here!


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  1. I am a redware potter in Massachusetts, USA. My research into the history of the making of red earthenware has discovered at least one 17th c Devon potter as one of the patriarchs of the trade. There is even a cove named after him! I so hope to get to see this exhibit, but the notice came too late to plan for it properly. I would love to have a pot in the kiln!

  2. Dear Pied Potter, Lovely to hear from you and am pleased to hear also of research into Devon potters over there. Please do tell us about the cove and the potter ! If you do manage to get over to see something of our exhibition (maybe the March/April 2014 in Bideford?) please do introduce yourself. We will be posting as much as we can of the content of events and exhibitons. We are also hoping this will lead to enough interest for there to be more exhibitions, maybe a book and certainly online content after this particular project is completed.

  3. I certainly will let you know of our making the trip. Thank you, Rick Hamelin

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